Fundraising Competition

Help us raise funds for our exciting development projects and see if you can raise enough to be awarded one of our grand prizes.
Every group who raises funds will receive a plaque that they can proudly display in their headquarters showing that they helped to build a part of our well-loved site:

Who CanTake Part?

Any youth organisations can take part, Scouts, Guides, Cadets, Schools, Colleges etc.

How much do we have to raise?

There’s no fixed amount, raise whatever you can. If you only manage a few pounds, that is still  very much welcomed. “Every Little Helps” as they say and we’ll be grateful whatever the amount.

How much do we have to raise to win a prize?

We’ll only know on the 31st December as this is around how much you raise in relation to other groups. So the more that others raise, the more you need to raise to beat them.

Do we need permission for our fundraising activity?

We don’t need to grant permission but what we do ask is that groups liaise with us so we can track who is doing what, where and when. What we don’t want to happen is havegroups competing with similar activities that clash and confuse the public. Let us know what you plan to do and we’ll let you know if we think this conflicts with other Group’s plans.

How do we send in our funds?

We have a development fund account set up especially for this so you can transfer the money as it is raised. You can also send in cheques or bring cash amounts to Bibbys Farm where we will accept the money and give you a receipt.

Sort Code – 20-10-71

Account no  – 73812057

How do we track progress?

Each week, we’ll update the web site with a leader-board for how much each Group has raised so you can check the competition and see how you are doing. We may also award some interim prizes to encourage groups to deposit the funds as they go rather than stockpile themuntil just before the closing date.

What can my group do to raise funds?

Essentially, anything legal!
Why not consider some of the following?

  • Bag Packing at a local supermarket

  • sponsored endurance events such as walks, swims, silence etc

  • Holding a coffee morning and maybe a cake sale?

  • Holding a jumble sale or an auction

  • Organise a raffle

  • Run a chippy disco – put on some music & lights & bring in a chippy supper (Very popular and great fun)

  • Sponsored climb (Climb the height of Everest for example)

For any of these, if we can help by providing free use of our activities or facilities, just ask.

What are the prizes?

First Prize – Awarded to the Group that raises the largest amount of money
A Luxury, all-inclusive Weekend for your group (up to 50 people) at Bibbys Farm.
We will provide the building, all your food and an exciting programme of activities and spoil you rotten.

Second Prize – Awarded to thegroup that raises the next largest sum of money
You will receive a free weekend in the new bunk house as soon as it opens and will have the opportunity to be the first group to use it if you like.
We’ll provide all food and activities again for your group of up to 20 people

Third Prizes – Awarded to the next 5 highest amounts raised by groups
We’ll provide 12 places on our Summer Blowout 2018 (Saturday 5th May 2018) where you’ll enjoy a full day of activities followed by an evening of live entertainment. One of our best events of the year.

Fourth Prizes– Awarded to the next 10 groups
We’ll provide a voucher for an hour of free activity at Bibbys Farm of your choice.