VE Day Event

Several people have asked what the plan is for our VE day celebration and so we’ve created this Blog to help people planning for the day.
For the street party, we are asking groups to bring along food as a Jacob’s Join to share with others. Bibbys Farm will also be providing food to supplement what everyone else brings and we will try and do the “Hot food” as we’ll have access to a kitchen.
This blog will hopefully, nearer the time, allow people who are coming to share what they are bringing so that we don’t end up with everyone bringing the same thing.

People have also asked about tables & chairs. We’re hoping to fill the courtyard with tables & benches and we will certainly be making available everything we have to assist with that. We would ask groups though to bring their own if they can so we can make sure there are enough for everyone to sit down and have a great time.

The “Draft” programme is below, Jo Farrow is booked and we’re working ont he rest of the plan but this is how it all stands at the moment.


Bank Holiday VE Day Celebrations

Friday 8th May 2020


09:30     Flagbreak

10:00     Activity Bases commence

12:00     Lunch

13:00     Activity Bases re-start

14:45     Gather in courtyard for Street Party

14:55     Last Post

15:00     “The Nation’s Toast” – Raise a glass to those who have “Gone Home”

15:00     Jo Farrow – Wartime Singer

15:45     Prepare and serve Street Party Feast

16:15     Jo Farrow – Best of British Songs

17:00     Finish food & clear away

19:00     Disco

21:30     Evening Film in outdoor cinema

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