Free Camping for Scout & Guide Leaders

From 1st January 2018 we are introducing a policy where Adult Scout & Guide Leaders camp for free when camping with their group of young people.

If an adult leader is giving up their valuable time to support the development of young people for a weekend, we should be doing all we can to make that as easy as possible for them and charging those people doesn’t feel right to us. So, within a few sensible parameters, Scout & Guide Leaders will now camp for free at Bibbys Farm:

  • This applies to adult volunteers, young leaders are still included in the youth total for camp fees
  • The offer applies to groups with “sensible” adult to young people ratios. The guidelines are 1 to 8 plus the leader in charge
  • Adult only camps are not included i.e. for a social weekend or programme planning weekend
  • The offer applies to camping only. Adults still make up the per-person charges when using buildings
  • Events or courses are not free for adult leaders
  • We will operate a “common sense” approach to charging. If for example, a group consisted of 6 Scouts plus 6 leaders, we would give two free leader places

As per our usual terms and conditions, invoices should be settled prior to departure. Once you are on camp and have your final camper numbers, we will calculate your final bill and credit your free camping for leaders ready for payment there and then.
Should you need to raise a payment request for 2nd authorisation by someone not on camp, we will provide you with the full invoice (Without any free leaders camping) and also give you a figure for the free camping discount. We will allow this lower figure as settlement as long as the monies reach our account within 48Hrs. Otherwise, the full invoice amount will apply.

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