Gas Fire Pit with S’mores Kit

Cooking marshmallows on a fire to make s’mores is a very popular pastime, particularly with younger ones.
We’ve developed this activity to make everything dead easy and safe.

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Forget having to buy all th food, sticks, charcoal etc, having to light a fire and then wait for it to go out before clearing away all the ashes and half burned logs. Book this new activity for 2020 and make everything a breeze.

The package includes hiring our new gas fire pit for the hour, all the gas you use plus enough sticks, marshmallows and chocolate digestive biscuits to give 18-20 people two smores each. If you have more people or they want to eat more, additional food kits are available too.

Why not tie this in with our “Free Evening Visit” offer where Scouts & Guides can book to come up for an evening with no evening visit charge to pay. Just pay for any activities you book.

Prices start at £20 for the hour with enough food to give 18 people 2 smores each.
Additional food packs available at £10

Note: For cooking marshmallows only, not for use for cooking burgers/sausages etc.