Service Crew

Whereas our Service Teams are our regular but ever-changing teams (potentially different people every time) our Service Crew are the main stay of our volunteer force.
Service Crew members show a greater commitment to volunteering on-site and agree to a minimum number of weekends “On Crew” supporting the site.

Crew members stay in the crew quarters and basic food is supplied in return for voluntary effort. One of our Crew each weekend is identified to work with the service team to undertake the regular jobs and the more specialist projects.
Crew members work through a Crew training scheme and eventually have a very detailed knowledge of the site, its operation and safety systems.

Being a member of the Crew is a very rewarding experience and provides many opportunities for personal development including access to activity training.

It takes a special sort of person to be a great crew member and although we are open to anyone to apply to join the crew, not everyone makes it onto the team.

If you’re a hard working, team player with skills and dedication, have something to give and want a lot of fun and friendship in return then contact or call 0300 20 10 077