How to book

We have tried to make booking as simple as possible but you can never eliminate ALL the paperwork so here’s a simple guide to the steps required to booking a visit with us:

  1. Firstly, check our availability. You can view our availability calendars for The Bunkhouse and Hulton Lodge and see when they are available. If you don’t need indoor accommodation then we can pretty much always fit you in.
  2. Submit the short on-line booking form and your booking will go direct into our booking system for approval. You should get fairly instant confirmation when the office is manned but certainly within 24hrs.
    If you prefer paper, you can complete and send a paper form to us here
  3. Once you have received your e-mail confirmation of the booking, we then just need one more thing to secure your booking, a 25% deposit based upon your invoiced amount.
    Your deposit can be paid in a number of ways and will secure your booking.
  4. Now your booking is secured, you should have a think about any activities you may like to book. Our self-led activities are popular and can be booked at any time but our instructor-led activities need a little more advanced notice and should be booked as far in advance as you can to give us sufficient notice to try and secure an instructor for you.
    We ask that you aim to give us at least a month’s notice for instructed activities. You can book activities either by using our paper forms or over the phone or in person once your booking is in place or simply by e-mailing us.
    You can check what activities are already booked out and when using our activity calendar so you can work out what is available for you to book.
  5. That is it. You are booked and ready to go.
    Once you have arrived on-site and checked in, we can tweak your booking if numbers are slightly different and a final balance payment is due before you depart. For Schools and any other organisations that need to be invoiced, we can arrange this with prior notice. Please mention this when booking.