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Last updated: Friday 31st July 13:10pm

Following the Government announcements last night and int he last hour, we have no option but to delay our plans to re-open from tomorrow.

So, Bibbys Farm is currently closed to all visitors, staff and volunteers until further notice.


We have been busy making the site COVID Safe for all our visitors.
The first step has been to creat a Risk Assessment for re-opening and an update to our procedures and booking terms & conditions. These can be viewed or downloaded below.

COVID-19 Terms & Conditions for all visitors (30 downloads)
COVID-19 Risk Assessment for re-opening the site (42 downloads)
Covid-19 Risk Assessment for using the Tuck Shop (16 downloads)
COVID-19 Risk Assessment for the Playground (16 downloads)
COVID-19 Staff and Tools Management (16 downloads)