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Last updated: 10th May 2021 5:30pm

12th April saw us on the 2nd stage of Amber in our re-opening timetable.
All groups, not just local ones are now welcome to place bookings for day or evening visits.
Camping and indoor residentials are still not allowed for Scouts

Groups can now meet indoors and our Canteen/kitchen area is available for groups to book for indoor evening activities if they can no longer meet in their usual meeting place.

We have added Water Activities (Kayaks, Sit-ons and Open Canoes), Rifle Shooting, Indoor Archery, Indoor Crossbow and Cork Guns to our growing list of approved activities.
Risk Assessments for all these can be found below.

The office remains operational on 0300 30 20 007 and
Stay Safe…….


Scout Association Approved Risk Assessments:

Reopening for visitors (142 downloads)
Reopening for Staff & Volunteers (88 downloads)
Reopening - Staff +Tools (61 downloads)
Reopening - First Aid (48 downloads)
Reopening - Playground (59 downloads)
Reopening - Tuck Shop (58 downloads)
covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Bibbys-Mountain-Bikes.docx (28 downloads)
covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Bibbys-Grass-Sledges-1.docx (54 downloads)
covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Pedal-Cars.docx (29 downloads)
covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Outdoor-Archery.docx (48 downloads)
covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Hover-Archery.docx (24 downloads)

covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Soft-Archery.docx (13 downloads)

covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Soft-Cross-Bow-Archery.docx (15 downloads)

covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Tomahawk-throwing.docx (51 downloads)

covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Spaltapult.docx (30 downloads)

COVID19-restart-risk-assessment-Scout-Group-use-of-Downstairs-canteen.docx (2 downloads)
covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Bibbys-Climbing.docx (34 downloads)
covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Bibbys-Crate-Climbing.docx (25 downloads)
covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Beaver-Trail.docx (14 downloads)
covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Bibbys-Orienteering.docx (13 downloads)

covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Bibbys-Geo-caching.docx (11 downloads)

covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Bibbys-Games-Equipment.docx (13 downloads)

covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Water-Activites.docx (29 downloads)

covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Rifle-shooting.docx (5 downloads)

covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Cork-Gun-shooting.docx (4 downloads)

covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Indoor-Archery.docx (3 downloads)

covid-19-restart-risk-assessment-Crossbow-Shooting.docx (3 downloads)